Voynich Manuscript: deciphering

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I did it! Things are moving! Almost all of the letters unraveled! Almost all materials published!
I look forward to your letters and comments in blogs and groups!

So, on this site, I introduce you to my version of the translation of the Voynich manuscript.

For general information about the manuscript can be found in Wikipedia.
There you will learn not only what the manuscript, but also a bunch of versions of his origin, the language versions in which it was written, as well as learn that all attempts have been unsuccessful for some reason.
All of this was. Today, for me and for you already - it is no secret and no mystery. Everything is clear and understandable. It is also clear that, that the translation of the book requires professional presence linguist. If I were them, I would have everything translated. But the main thing that the key is found. Hooray! So study, surprised and disclosed further.

The site contains several menu items:
- Language - information about the language of the manuscript
- Alphabet - alphabet himself and explain the writing and reading of words.
- Illustration - isolated and identified pictures from the book
- Dictionary - translations of words taken from Wiktionary, the dictionary and the authors of Berkov V.P., Bёdvarsson A .; Geir T. Zoëga; Richard Cleasby. (See. links).
Currently, the dictionary contains more than 140 words.
- Text - translated text from the book (2 or more related words).
- Links - links to resources on the manuscript, dictionaries, my blogs.

Read more -> "The language of the manuscript"